Photographers Guild is a nonprofit creative interregional association is a leading photographic national organization run by and for professional photographers.

Photographers Guild for 20 years contributes to creating conditions for the development of civilized advertising market, the approval of high artistic and technical standards in the domestic advertising and commercial photography, as well as counteracts the lack of professionalism in the field of advertising and commercial photography.

Photographers Guild tirelessly promotes the photographic medium in the domestic culture conducive to the spirit of cooperation, mutual respect and mutual assistance in helping its members achieve their professional and artistic goals.



The main objectives of the Photographer’s Guild are:

– Association of Russian photographers to protect their legitimate rights and interests, providing social and other guarantees required to carry out their professional activities;

– Bring together special in visual communication, aimed at creating the most favorable from an aesthetic point of view of the human environment;

– Promotion of the highest achievements of domestic and foreign photographers;

– Attracting the attention of citizens to the cultural life in the forms of amateur art and cultural education and aesthetic education;

– The preservation and augmentation of the traditions in the theory and practice of domestic photography.